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Okay, I need some advice
There are a few characters I have been asked to cosplay and I want you people to tell me if you think I could pull it off

This is me:
more me:
annnnnnd more me:

and I've been asked to cosplay
Envy(full metal alchemist):
Sora (Kingdom hearts II version):
Mello (Death Note):
Winry (full metal Alchemist):
L (death note): (see my gallery for me as L.... I think they're pretty decent in my diplocon folder)
Itachi (Naruto):

Yes, thats alot XD but some of these are for cons like... a year from now and yes, I do have a decently good paying job (100 dollars for three days of work... plus I do house work for alittle extra here and there... and my parents pay for some of my stuff....) Also... I've been asked to cosplay Plum from Chobits and Ritsuka from loveless but I'm too lazy to put those up right now @_@
L- done!
Mikami- 70%
Jelousy(roleplay charrie)-40%
Envy- 15% (not including weight to be lost)
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