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Sup, I should have done this a long time ago but I guess I was hoping this situation would eventually resolve itself.

Name of Commissioner: Fantasy Props
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru - Full armor set
Links to picture(s): I don't have any (see below)
January 2005: Paid in full for commission ($350), estimated time was under 1 year (ok fine he's backed up)
January 2006: Still no complete commission. Wasn't worried because I was still communicating via e-mail.
May 2006: Still nothing. Mike is no longer replying to emails sent to the address he specified originally. Phone calls are not answered or result in messages not being returned.
January 2007: Nothing. I write it off, for the most part. I tried calling his number, left messages several (at least 3) times, only to never be called back.
February 2007: Requested refund from mike via paypal (the original), since the ability to contest a payment through Paypal itself has long expired. No replies.
March - November 2007: No reply at all. Nothing. Completely wrote it off.
November 2007: In talking with Animeisha, she convinced me to try and get my money back, nearly 3 years after the original commission. Let's see how that works - I still have original e-mails.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. In case the timeline didn't clue you in, this has been a miserable experience for me. It has cost me $350 which I really don't expect to see again. Communication for the first year was acceptable, but excuses regarding delays, plus no actual pictures of progress of my commission should have tipped me off. I wouldn't call this a scam, but if Fantasyprops is supposed to be a business, even a side business, Mike has failed in this rather large transaction in both failing to deliver a product, and then failed again when asked to provide a refund for failure to complete said product in a reasonable time. Finally, he failed a third time in a most spectacular fashion by not responding to any email since May of 2006 (the last of which I sent February 2007, at which point I just gave up.)

Posting in this thread is my only recourse, and frankly I don't expect much to come of it other than hoping that other people do not get burned in the same manner I have. Commissioners live and die by reputation, well Fantasyprops has certainly earned theirs. I gave Mike the benefit of the doubt much longer than just about anyone would have in my situation. Unfortunately I've come to terms with the fact that I was basically scammed and will never see that money, nor the item I commissioned. You always hope that you won't be the person who has to go through something like this, but eventually it will happen when dealing with someone you've never met before.

Final Grade: F - - - - - -, seriously this is total crap and I can't believe that the one person I figured might be a legitimate, trustworthy, reliable commissioner actually pulled this without bothering to ever reply in over two years. I've long since stopped going to any conventions, and this kind of crap is one of the major reasons why. Mike is a talented person and his props are very well made, but I wouldn't know that firsthand since I never actually you know, GOT MY ITEM.
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