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Originally Posted by Sirene View Post
Hollee Marie: So, Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Naruto fans can't participate in masquerades because their series is "too popular"? How on earth is that fair? :/

And maybe it's just me, but I've hardly seen any yuri skits. Maybe some hints at it every now and then, but even that's incredibly rare. I wouldn't call that overdone. The making out, maybe, but the yuri itself? Not a chance.
You mean the making out between two girls, or between two 'female' characters?
I think the lack of yuri skits comes from 1.) The lack of actual good yuri titles that aren't just an excuse for..well, other things, and 2.) fangirls.

They don't want to see two girls..I'm not such a big fan of 'making out' in skits, but if it made sense in the context of the skit and wasn't just there to be there, why not? I'd love to see some more Utena or Kashimashi stuff (the only two titles that come to mind.
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