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Originally Posted by Rurouni_Ina_Box View Post
You mean the making out between two girls, or between two 'female' characters?
I think the lack of yuri skits comes from 1.) The lack of actual good yuri titles that aren't just an excuse for..well, other things, and 2.) fangirls.

They don't want to see two girls..I'm not such a big fan of 'making out' in skits, but if it made sense in the context of the skit and wasn't just there to be there, why not? I'd love to see some more Utena or Kashimashi stuff (the only two titles that come to mind.
Between two female characters. And I agree with you - there aren't a lot of good yuri titles, but there's always fan pairings (i.e. Kairi/Namine from KH, Kikyou/Kagome from Inu-Yasha, etc.) that could pop up in skits.

Of course, I'm not encouraging a yuri-fest or anything along the lines of fanservice. That gets old fast, regardless of the characters involved. But yuri itself isn't overdone~.

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