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Huh... my friends and I were talking about doing a Hare Hare Yukai skit.

Our plan had been to cosplay as all the baddest of badboys we could without breaking the big pimpin' laws of reality (I'm pretty sure there's a limit to how much pimp and magnificence you can have in one room before the universe implodes), Alucard, Vergil from DMC, you get the idea. We'd have a few lines about what great fun it is to be sexily evil, and then be alarmed by the news that due to disgruntled soccer moms, we are in danger of being...gasp! Banned! In a desperate attempt to save ourselves from censorship, we perform the happiest, most friendly and sunshiney thing we can think of... Hare Hare Yukai. Complete with huge guns, swords, and impeccable evil prettyboy hair.
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