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I wound up writing more of this in my head last night at work. -_- Imagine this in the context of a rabid fangirl trying to get her boyfriend to cosplay with her at the next con. He refuses repeatedly, and suddenly she breaks into song...

Girl: If you cosplay
It would be okay
I mean, cause, hey -
You could be Sasuke!
Because you see
If Kakashi
Wants yaoi
I'd squee -
If you cosplay!

Boy: I don't cosplay.

And then further verses go on about all the questionable things she wants to see her boyfriend do while dressed as various "bishie" characters, naturally.

I would totally work on this and do it myself, except that I imagine the girl dressed as Sakura, and this means I would have to make Naruto costumes, and I really don't want to. -_-
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