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On a similar theme, a variation on overdone skits that I think could actually be amusing...

Haruhi cosplayers. Get up onstage, start to do the dance. Which the audience knows is old and overdone now, they've seen it a million times, so they're kinda meh...

Then before they've let it go on too long, a character or group of characters run in - a ninja, a villain, a bunch of fighting game characters, something like that... and they kill the supa-kawaiiiiiiii dancers. Audience cheers, the assassins take a bow, and exit the stage. And that's the end of the skit, right?

Wrong. After the crowd noise dies down... the "bodies" are still lying there. No one is getting up to leave the stage. What's this? Now the dancers are staggering slowly to their feet again, wobbling this way and that... and then the music starts again, and they start doing the Thriller dance.

Gunfire rings out, and some heavily-armed Resident Evil (or other zombie fighters) cosplayers appear and chase the undead Haruhi dancers off the stage.
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