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LOL I've just realized... I never introduced myself! XD Not sure if it's necessary to introduce myself right now as I've been posting quite a bit recently... but hey I've got nothing better to do! XD

I'm Fiona... Though as very little people call me by that name I normally end up ignoring 'Fiona' by accident! XD; So either Fi, Riku, Crystal or CrystalNeko will do xD. I've just turned 15 [w00t! Finally I can rent out 15s at the library! X3] though I'm a midget for my age! [5'2''] I've been cosplaying for almost a year now... I started in Feburary for the Midlands Expo 07... so yeah actually I'm quite new! XD Though it makes me really happy to notice how I've improved from ghetto/closet cosplay to actually making costumes from scratch xP... Though I still do ghetto/closet cosplay every now and then! XD

I'm from Taunton which is in the South West of England... For all you people that don't know where Taunton is [It's not exactly the most well-known town! XDDD] It's 45mins away from Bristol and Exeter =3... That should have helped in the slightest! XD... Erm.. well the next expo you'll see me at is the Bristol Comic Expo 08! X3 and then London MCM Expo May 08 =D... As for cosplays I'm currently working on Sakura from Tsubasa and a failing Garnet from FFIX! XD And will hopefully start a Sasuke Uchiha Cursed seal 2nd form [the one with the HUGE hands coming out from his back... disturbing yet so cool xD] soon for the Bristol expo ^^ [I hope my friend's parents won't have a fit when they see my costume ^^;;]

Erm... what more is there to say? XD I always seem to rant on and on in these things D8 Please forgive me ^^;;
Next cosplays:
London Expo: Noel Vermillion [Blazblue]; Rise Kujikawa [Persona 4]
Hyper Japan: Sheryl Nome [Macross Frontier]
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