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2. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
3. On top of my moisturizer, I use a pore minimizer. I swear by Biore's pore perfect, pore minimizing moisturizer. It really works quite well.
4. To cover up red area's exex I use physicians formula green concealer. Any artist will know that green minimizes red.
This thread is very interresting... I was thinking of raising the same question, seeing as I'm not very good with make-up, I rarely ever use it. So please don't hurt me for being a newbie and asking stupid questions >.< :3

2. I heard you should moisturize, so I did that last time I wore skin make-up. But after 3 hours or so, my skin got really glossy and it felt warm and sticky. yuckness. Should some people not moisturize before putting on make-up? Or do you think I just did it wrong somehow?

3. What's a pore minimizer? What effect does small pores have on your skin? Does it give a more matte complexion or something?

4. ooh, good idea! But how do I get a hold of green concealer? Is it actually green, or is just slightly tinted? How do you cover up green-ness? Is that any easier than covering up red?
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