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2. I heard you should moisturize, so I did that last time I wore skin make-up. But after 3 hours or so, my skin got really glossy and it felt warm and sticky. yuckness. Should some people not moisturize before putting on make-up? Or do you think I just did it wrong somehow?

3. What's a pore minimizer? What effect does small pores have on your skin? Does it give a more matte complexion or something?

4. ooh, good idea! But how do I get a hold of green concealer? Is it actually green, or is just slightly tinted? How do you cover up green-ness? Is that any easier than covering up red?
2. What is your skin type like? Is it oily. Maybe you were sweating...
Also, some moisturizers aren't very makeup compatible. My personal recommend is the kind from dankern
You can also buy rice paper from a beauty store to touch up your makeup. It will blot the oil/shinyness from your skin without taking your makeup off.

3. I'm having trouble finding ingredients in pore minimizers... Just avoid anything alcohol based or astringent. In the long term, those can make your skin worse and even give you burns.
Just keep your skin clean and use good cleanser, then a non-pore-clogging moisturizer and you won't need all these extras.

4. physician's formula has a green tinted concealer thats available at Target and some drugstores. most beauty stores will carry it, just ask an employee. its a light tint that just hides the red, it won't turn your skin green
an alternative to that is a regular concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. for that, i use l'oreal true match.

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