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I use that matte moose foundation, so I don't use a powder on top because it ends up with a powdery finish. I don't know how it compares money-wise if you save any or not to get the one foundation opposed to a foundation and powder, though.
I stared at this for like five minutes before I realized you were talking about mousse foundation XD lol!
With liquid foundations, you really need to powder to set it and get it to look natural. I don't know how the mousse foundation works, since the one time I tried it, their lightest shade looked like a bad fake tan on me, so I didn't keep it. Might be good all its own, I don't know.
But in general, as far as makeup goes, investing a tiny bit extra money in a better product usually pays off. This is your skin, take care of it Too-cheap makeup has given me really bad eye irritation before (like swelling and itch).
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