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Originally Posted by Kimimiu View Post
This detour is where i will lose my cosplaying virginity...^_^ *is totally psyched*

To create more cosplayers, we just need to go to craft stores and find all those people our age that enjoy sewing (they ARE out there...) and give them a reason to live (cosplay) They will be taken in slowly and be hooked on animebefore ya know it! (because, honestly, who can resist?)
awsome idea. this is human evolution.
where people turn into cosplayers. LOL.
then before you know it, we'll all be arrancars, death gods, ninjas and what not. LOL xDDD

We should set up a meeting somewhere in MN and establish that, lmao xDDDD

zomg~ this is your first time cosplaying too?! *ESTATIC~*
[ack, can't spell. xD]
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