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I never have any blemishes, I'm lucky enough to have inherited smooth skin from my mother! xD But I use Clean and Clear astringent morning and night just in case. But, they discontinued the one I usually used, and the new ones dry out my skin. :/ But I follow up with Neutrogena's oil free depends which works for you, since they're all so great. :O
Having a good cleansing ritual gives you wonderful skin without makeup. : D
But I think itis true that some sort of makeup is needed for Cons and pictures with all that weird lighting. D:
I have no experience with makeup, though. D:

I do have a bit of discoloration around my mouth, and my nose - it's a few shades lighter. Would concealer work for that? I've never used makeup before, and my mom thinks using foundation would cover it up. xD
I have NO idea at all, and the discoloration shows up so much more in pictures than in person. D:
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