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Clueless Case- Haha, plus eye-bleeding dots..
Actually I don't like my annahouse items much.
(If you go through my pictures you can see what I bought)
The skirt is soooo incredibly heavy and stiff.
Plus the sizings are far to big for me
(but thats just me and I'm fairly petite)
my skirt actually has to be safety-pined in the back.
The shirt is cute, but see-through,
also once I lace the back to a size that fits me it has problems
(then again everyone won't have this same problem).

I hope the actual dresses aren't the same way,
in the future I plan to buy one.

Other than some of the desings on Rakuen are a little... much
(although they probably look better in person,
I've been told that with the dress I got from them)
Usually I don't buy dresses with lace, so I wouldn't know the quality personally.
I have a problem with their bows not staying on,
as well as it being slightly see-through,
but other than that I prefer them.
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