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Question EGL clothing patterns? o.O;;

Firstly, I apologize to the Mods if I have once again put my thread in the wrong section... -hides-

Oki ..
Well, for Christmas I really wanted a new coat and have decided on a Elegant Gothic Lolita style coat.
I do love my sewing, and any chance I get to use my sewing machine, its full steam ahead on my part. (and don't point it out, i might not get it done in time for Christmas >.> but still, I want to make one.)
'course, I've never made anything like EGL style before, and I'd rather use a pattern to get me in the swing of things. - I plan to start making more EGL stuff later on, so patterns would be useful.

... my question being...Does anyone know WHERE to get them? Or do most of the EGL cosplayers make the patterns themselves? I won't assume that ALL of them have bought their EGL stuff ^^;;
However, if anyone doesn't know of anysites to get patterns from but have made their own EGL before without them, do you have any tips or advice? ^__^

Any help for this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much in advance!


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