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Company: Limebarb

Company Website:

Character: Shinya (macabre) - Dir en Grey

Note: I'm not wearing the jacket in these pictures! Ack >_< The jacket was MUCH nicer than it looks on the company website.

Timeframe: 2 months

Comments: This was my first order from the limebarb company. I ordered with a due date due in August, which is just after the busy season. I was very very happy with the results EXCEPT for the wig. I was not overly fond of the wig (and you can't wash them! The color runs). The outfit itself was amazing and, despite the high $$$, it was worth every penny. I regret that I don't have better shots of it. The only con (besides the wig) was that this costume arrived the DAY of the con, instead of my due date (...the day before >_>). Barb was very understanding and I received a discount on my next purchase. If you decide to order from the Limebarb company, ORDER WITH A DUE DATE IN ADVANCE. I can't stress that enough.

Final Grade: A


Review #2:

Still Limebarb.

Character: Warrior Rikku FFX-2 (full costume+sword)

Time Frame: 3.5 months

Note: They do not yet have pictures of me in the outfit >_< The customer featured is NOT me.

Comments: Well, I bought this for prom. It was shipped in two stages at my request--the sword came about half a month later. My costume arrived the day after the due date due to the mail system but this time I was not reimbursed. The outfit was horribly missized (a common issue for form fitting costumes) and it took a good month of MAJOR modifications to fix it. Barb did offer to take it back in and fix the errors (even after I kept changing the due date) but I decided to do it myself. Very well-made, and overall a great costume. The sword was wonderfully constructed though it seemed a tad bit more rushed than I was happy with for a slightly lower-quality finish. I was also not happy with the wig and did make a complaint about it, but Barb assured me the wig is no different than her own (but I'm still not hapy with it, though it suffices). Shipping near destroyed the wig, however. My previous costume was shipped with room to spare, but this outfit was crammed into a box far too small. I had to do a lot to restyle and detangle the wig. The detailing on my shoes is also beginning to fall apart after only 3 wears. However, it's easily fixed with some glue--Barb included some mixed paint to touch up the brown on my shoes in case of chipping. Still haven't needed it.

Final Grade: B
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