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Commissioner: NekoMimiChan


Item Commissioned: Crimson Whirlwind (Romeo x Juliet) Belt

and (These are pictures she took. I'll provide more pictures when I get my camera to work XD)

Time Frame: One week

Pros: Very wonderful and nice person! She's fast with emails, gives you a choice of economical or professional to fit your budget, and makes your order quickly but professionally! Its hard to find a commissioner that replys to your questions so quickly! She even sent a little extra gift with my item Thanks NekoMimiChan!

Cons: Absolutely none

Grade: A+

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Ohayocon 2015

Asuka Plugsuit (Evangelion 3.33)- 100%
Goddess Purple Heart (Hyperdimention Neptunia)- 70%
Baby Doll (Sucker Punch)- 90%
Poison Ivy (Batman)- 0%
Ashe the Frost Archer (League of Legends)- 90%
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