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Commissioner: NugrosJP


Item Commissioned: Custom Kimono [Kijin from Yami no Matsuei]

Pictures: [Will have soon.]

Time Frame: 3 months

Pros: First, this is the 2nd commission I have had done with Nugrosjp and as before, it was very professional. She/He kept in close contact with me and since my money was tight because of other things, they allowed me to do smaller payments over the timeline of construction. The Kimono was very comfortable to wear and was probably one of my most comfortable costumes to date.

Cons: There were a few small problems, some of which were my fault, so I don't count them against Nugrosjp, but here were some of the problems that were really problematic.
The under kimono wasn't a kimono, but a white shirt with REALLY long sleeves... I had to kinda contort it into looking like one. It worked. XD Safety pins rock. But we have already begun work on fixing this problem. Other than that, the craftsmanship of the outter kimono, sleeves and designs on the obis and such were beautiful. The collar issue is the only thing I can really say was a problem, but other than that, my commission actually arrived a week ahead of schedule.

Grade: A-

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