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Heh, yes, thank you all for your opinions. I really only had a little over a week to put this outfit together. I hadn't expected my hair to be all over the place, the wind coming off the Hudson River while I was walking to the Javits center really did a number on it. ( I went to the bathroom as soon as I got there and literally said 'Oh no!') I'm pretty sure the lace was Cluny, if i get a chance I'll upload a better picture of it for clarification. I think I'll dye the parasol white or something, its just in the limited time i was working in I really couldn't pull it off. And after the holiday season is over, I intend to buy myself some nice shoes. The ones I was wearing were all I could find in the limited time and I assumed they were acceptable since I had seen these open toed shoes. But I do understand what you all are saying about having a strap around your ankle. Thank you all for your help! ^-^

And, milkandcookie if you have a picture saved on your computer, could you email it to Thank you so much for your comment!
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