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I have to disagree with some of the above points. Grooming your brows can do wonders for your eyes, but if you don't have experience with it you're better off going to a professional who's experienced in it. People can massacre their brows if they get too tweezer-happy, and that takes a while to grow back.

White eyeliner tends to look a little... well, tacky. A better idea is to choose a slightly shimmery pale shadow like champagne or light gold, and use a little in the inner corners of your eyes. It's much more sophisticated-looking. Definitely do highlight your browbone with a neutral light shadow. There are also tricks using color theory that will help bring out your eye color and make the eyes look bigger-- Almay, I think, makes palettes you can buy in drugstores that are already designed to highlight different eye colors.

Probably the best way to make your eyes look bigger is to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, add some individual fake lashes (you can also buy these at drugstores or high quality stores like MAC and Sephora), and use about two generous coats of a non-clumpy mascara. Seriously, they'll look twice as large as they do now.

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