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To make them look bigger, avoid lining the eye at all because it tends to close them more, no matter what color or where you line. To create the illussion that the entire eye area is larger you need to gently shade the entire eyelid. Shaping the arch of your eyebrows does indeed help, but also use a highlight color, the lightest you have to underline the brow bone just below your brow.

It helps if you shade Medium color on the lid, darker in the crease and lightest at the brow bone. This will give an effect that brings the eye out more.

If you want to have definition that liner gives, without using the harsh lines of liner that tends to make them smaller, try usuing the meduim shade from the lid, or the dark shadow from the middle and gently blend it along your bottom lash line.

Your eye will pop!

That's my $0.02 worth,
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