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Exclamation Makeup FAQ - Check Before Posting!

I'll edit this with different topics. Sorry if I'm breaching a code, or something, like if only mods are supposed to do this, but several of's subforums have this and Makeup needs one.

If you have a question that is not covered here, and you've really searched for the answer, please post it here instead of on the thread that was last posted on sometime when your grandpa was in high school!

In addition, please search this thread before posting questions on it. >.<

Fuller Lips, Bigger Eyes or (just bigger eyes)
Masculine Makeup for Females or 2
Feminine Makeup for Males
Changing Nose Size
Eyebrow Colour/Covering Eyebrows or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6
Eyebrow Thinness
Fake Eyelashes
Full-Body Makeup
Long-Lasting Makeup or 2
Fake Blood or 2
Changing Skin Colour? How to/If you Should or 2 or 3
American Eyes ---> Asian Eyes
Anime Skin
Latex Prosthetics
Acne Coverage or Acne Cures
Pure White Face
General Fake Scars

Sakura from Naruto (light feminine)
Gaara from Naruto (very dark eyes, tattoo-like mark on forehead)
Naruto from Naruto's Whiskers
Choji from Naruto (cheek swirls)
Sasuke from Naruto's Curse Seal (detailed neck tattoo)
Orochimaru from Naruto (white/purple makeup)
Jirobo from Naruto(?) (angry red welts on face)
Harle (clown)
Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh! (cat-eye)
L from Death Note (very thick under-eye liner, pale)
Mello's Scar from Death Note (eye/forehead burn mark)
Ulquiorra Schiffer from Bleach (pale face, cheek lines, eyebrow painting)
Bubble Nurse from Silent Hill (rotting, bloody faces)
Heather Morris from Silent Hill (crying, running mascara, bruised-looking under eyes)
Capitan Barbossa from PoTC's Beard (fake beard)
Lust from Full Metal Alchemist (seductive)

Colormax, Ambition, and Watercolor
Cheap Contacts?
For Dark Eyes
Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender's Blind Contacts

Asian-Specific Makeup
Storage Life
Makeup Stores
Foundation v. Concealer
Luminess Airbrush Discussion
Wig Forehead Damage
Eyeshadow Types
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Let me know about any broken links, misspellings, updates, etc!

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