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I kinda have to agree with divine_fanaticy with the smiles thing. No offense to you, Chibi-Dreamer, but I felt like your smile was a bit over the top. I mean, you come off really happy, but maybe...a bit too happy, if that's possible.

Actually, I believe I've read somewhere in health/scientific studies that if you just met a person (or if you're trying to get the attention of some hawt guy ), it's best to keep your smiles to a low, cute/quick smile, instead of a big grin. Big grins can actually scare people a bit, which was sorta the sensation I got from your smile.

Other than that, I REALLY like how your dress is simple, but doesn't lack the elegance of a lolita. Some loli dresses I've seen are nice, but too cluttered, imo, because they thought "More lace=better" or what not.

Besides that, I resonate with everyone else's suggestions :3

ps instead of dying the parasol white, however, I would suggest dying it the same shade of blue as the rest of your dress and use white for the rim of the parasol (if that's possible? XD). I believe that would match with the rest of your dress better.

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