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Originally Posted by FFrikku View Post
hey, this isnt covered and it's just really quick question: what can be substituted for lipstick (black in color)
I actually know this one! =D

There are a couple of options.

Of course, the lip/eye crayons that they sell work, but those aren't usually very dark. If you're looking for more of a dark grey, that's your best bet, but carry it with you, because it does fade.

Next option is black Ben Nye stage makeup. You can paint this on with a brush, or use your finger. I haven't personally tried this method, but I'd assume it's similar to the one above, albeit darker and possibly with more staying power.

My personal favourite is black waterproof liquid eyeliner. You have to be very careful that you don't get it in your mouth, because I don't know if it's toxic, and also you should keep your mouth open and rounded for about thirty seconds or so after applying to let it dry...But it really works wonders. It's pitch black and it stays really well, needing few reapplications. You just paint it on and wallah! Instant pitch-black lips. (There's an example of this under the Crusnik Cain in my gallery For comparison, the dark grey on my eyes is the aforementioned eye/lip crayon).

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