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Originally Posted by miyavilover666 View Post
I am Lolita as well. Even though i don't agree with someone just dressing in lolita i will help you out. Like said befor The Gothic and Lolita Bible is a great place to start.
here are some pattern scans do what you can with them. ^^

Mage.Lulu: I find it is easiest to look at a Gothic and Lolita pattern and then find a similar pattern from a local store and modify it.

But, do not feel bad because someone was being a bit stand-offish. Lolita is fashion and fashion is borrowed from constantly. For example, Scene Kid fashion took the 80s and some basic elements of Goth and mangled them into their own style. Lolita itself borrowed from various styles, so really, don't worry about offending anyone.
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