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I've got an update from ,my commission from Amethyst Angel. At long last, the costume was completed, in time for ohayocon no less! Regardless of it being 10 months late, she knocked off the second half of the payment of the costume and only charged me shipping.

The costume had a few issues which couldn't really have been properly expressed via email and was easilly fixed [used the wrong type of velcro, but in her defense she couldn't find the type I was looking for. I had some and replaced it no problem.]. Overall the costume turned out better than I had assumed it would. Perhaps because I was waiting so long and obviously quite upset by it..

I can't upgrade her grade TOO much but at the same time she went above and beyond with the quality of the costume, the communication since my last post had improved significantly, and here's the pictures of it if anyone is interested:

Overall, finally? I'll give her a C.

I cant upgrade her more because the project WAS 10 months late but the final outcome was more than acceptable, I'm going to wear and enjoy it at a con or three.. Or four.. Or.. For years to come... And of course, she was very, very fair about it considering the circumstances.
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