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My personal favourite is black waterproof liquid eyeliner. You have to be very careful that you don't get it in your mouth, because I don't know if it's toxic, and also you should keep your mouth open and rounded for about thirty seconds or so after applying to let it dry...But it really works wonders. It's pitch black and it stays really well, needing few reapplications. You just paint it on and wallah! Instant pitch-black lips. (There's an example of this under the Crusnik Cain in my gallery For comparison, the dark grey on my eyes is the aforementioned eye/lip crayon).
hmm..that would be a very bad thing, I bite my lips all the time even with makeup. if it wasn't toxic, that would be wonderful. I can't seem to find a color dark enough lip pencil, and I'm assuming eyeliner is another no-no?
the base foundation i bought was from ben nye, and i dont think my parents really want to order something when I've just gotten something from there because the shipping and handling is outragious.

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