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You did quite a wonderful job for your first try! ^^

In my opinion, no, you're not showing too much skin. However, since there is no covering of your arms, maybe you should switch your tights to socks (knee length or if you're daring, ankle length frilly ones) instead. That would balance it out a bit better and frilly socks would coordinate with those type of shoes quite nicely. If you were to wear a blouse under the OP, though, then you could keep the long tights. ^^ See what I mean?

If the parasol was a bit lighter in color, it might work. But it competes with the dress and it should be more of a compliment than anything. I personally love the shoes; they have a very antique feel to them. Again, I think that the tights detract from them.

Overall, you did a great job! It reminds me of a summer dress, light and flowey-ness. Keep it pimp, sugah~<3
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