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Loli-Style Joker - need a bit of guidance

Granted, I've always looked at Loli fashion and wanted to try it, but I always wanted to go with something unique, that I feel would really suit me.

The other day I was thinking about it a bit more seriously, because I've been thinking I wanna do a Loli outfit for events or cons in the near future. And the other day at like...2 am, inspiration struck me and I came up with an idea for a Loli outfit that I felt really good about- one based off The Joker.

In designing though, I've run into some road blocks that I'm not sure how to work with. The colours of the Joker's outfit (primarily purple, orange, green)seem to lend itself to the Punk loli look, but the cut and design of his outfit (a tailored suit) lends itself more to Gothic or EGL, but I'm having a hell of a time finding reference photos for specific styles.

My other problem is - as you can imagine - makeup, because it will call for green hair, white/pale face, and red lips.

I know that this is definitely an outfit that I want to do, but I'll grant that I'm something of a Loli-noob when it comes to styles. Some guidance would be wonderful. I've also attached some reference photos of Joker, if it helps.

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