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Awesome and PINK!!
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hmmm... First, I'd suggest dulling down the colors (make it lavender, light green, and light orange). DO NOT make your face white >.< nonono. Use the lightest natural-colored foundation you can find at a drug store (depending on your skin color), and apply it to your face and neck. I'd advise not wearing bright red lipstick but maybe a dark pink. Lolita is all about looking natural so rep lipstick is not commonly worn (unless its guro loli or the likes). I think that a dark green wig would look best if you really must have green hair. Please don't upset the loli gods and wear purple/green stripped socks (or leggings! EWWW @ leggings) >.< It's not very elegant. I'd say stick to one color or the other, or white. Good luck on your outfit and Id like to see how it turns out.
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