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Wa-loli patterns?

I've looked around various link pages but i can't find any good/free patterns for a wa-loli/kimono style top.

I have a commercial costume kimono pattern i was going to modify, but i've heard less-than-wonderful things about costume kimono patterns.

Can anyone help me out?

also, i'm looking for an inexpensive petticoat as my current one is cheap nasty plastic with cheap nasty plastic lace that shows under my skirts.
somewhere that can have expedited shipping would be even better as i need to have my outfits ready for ohayocon.
thanks much,

Edit: with much experimentation and help from a japanes speaking friend i modified a kimono out of the gothloli bible. THAT was fun.
don't have any pics of it on me, but i'd like some input on the costume before it goes live!
will be adding beaded crown appliques on both sides of one of the sleeves and matching ones on the platform sandals i modified with matching green fabric, as well as some purple cluny lace to hide the stitching on the inside collar.

ideas, opinions?

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