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Originally Posted by rainbow_dancer View Post
hi !!! i'm...rainbow_dANCER (please don't ask...) and i'm part of the non-existant state of MN. and I FRICKEN' CHICKEN LOVE COSPLAYING!!!! ITS LIKE LIFE!!!

there seems to be alot of new people to cosplaying. XP when i started (only last year...) it was rare to find other persons who weren't so sure what they were jumping into....but its awesome!!!

i have a big list of cosplays...but i'm not sure what i'm going to do. XP

i wanna cosplay Donald duck...i have a few neat ideas on how i'm going to do this(ofcourse KINGDOM HEARTS VERSION.)...then i have sailor moon....then i want to be kairi from KH 1...but her costume isn't really exciting...but i want to make a key blade. ^^ then if i'm sucessfull...i'll have a KH group...(2 friends and myself) or my Sugar Sugar rune group (me and a friend).

but every thing you guys said so SO EXTREAMly TRUE!! we are a rare breed...but its cool seeing this here. ^^

does anyone know of any cosplay/anime clubs that aren't associated with a school??? like that meet at a library or something??? i was thinking on making one but afraid it'd be bust. XP since i live in anoka'd have to be at a anoka county library...i think more cosplayers live in hennipin county (i know they have anime clubs but their meetings involve watching anime..not so much the cosplay but equally awesome!!! check it out!!! )

the only downer to the Hen County is that they are only up to 12th grade. XP

lol. anime ball !!! XD i wanted to go to that last year (well anime prom) but since we are so rare its hard to find a date. XO who like wants to cosplay with you.
zomg. agreed. Cosplaying is a giant chunk on my life. Even though I haven't officially gone to any cons or anything yet, but I'm going to AD 08
sewing is a pretty big chunk out of my life too~
O.O hennipin county! i kinda live by there, i never knew about the meetings and stuff......
D : < they're only up to 12th grade?
aww..well, that's not something I'm currently concerned about, since I'm a couple years away for 12th grade. :]

are you going to AD? n.n

(and yes, it's very exciting meeting other cosplayers from MN :3)
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