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All right, first of all, as GreyCat stated, I did not have an account here before and I am unaware as to how to post the review that you keep asking about.
Second, the email adresses they were sent to were This is the same address the payment was made to.
Third, I do not know how to post a screenshot, because once again, I am new to this. No, we have not tried asking the e-bay staff, I honestly did not know that they would be able to help in this situation, I figured it would be better to just settle it with the person that sold me the item. I would really appreciate if you all were not so condescending and would be a little less hostile. I am sorry I did not post in the correct format, I did not know there was one in the first place. And I really do not need to deal with this. Now, I am asking for your opinion, as to what I should do. Because this is really not a good situation for me and I would just like a little help in settling this calmly and without too much hassle for either parties involved.
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