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<--being nosey

Woah some of you guys are being really super mean to greycat and her friend. Maybe grey didn't post in the best way and I know that that commissioner has had great reviews in the past but maybe its possible that something has changed since then? You all got mad grey posted first even though it wasn't her buy but actually its probably better that she was the one who posted since she's not a newbie like her friend (since I'm sure someone who just signed up saying a high rated commissioner "scammed" them or whatever would have instantly been blown off or eaten alive lol). It could just be something simple, maybe they changed their email and forgot to relist the new address, or maybe the spam box is catching some parties e-mails, maybe it was sent and got lost in transit but something must be going on for an October 3 week order (at least thats what the new posting for the wig says it takes to do) to not have been received 3 months later.

I really have no business posting but there's just so much bashing going on =( I didn't want grey to think everyone was against her and her friend.
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