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It was fun, wasn't it?
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Let's see what we can do here... I think everyone just went into bloodlust mode like whoa. >.>;

Try emailing from a different email address. I know for a fact that my gmail account hates some of my friends' emails with fierce passion and sends them directly to the junk email bin.
Next, if you still don't get an answer, go to "my eBay" and under the item it should have an option to report an "item never recieved". Take it straight through eBay. Honestly, for future reference, keep the paypal refund date in mind and, if there's no item/no contact by the end of the refund period, file for a refund and resend payment if the seller decides to contact you.

Now, for those unfamiliar with eBay, Grey and her friend may be having trouble finding the exact proof of the auction since eBay doesn't keep track of transactions over 60 days old anymore. It's really not a good thing, but eBay's getting too big to be responsible, apparently.

I know lots of people have had wonderful experiences with Dream Angels (I happen to know someone who didn't, but I won't go into that for... obvious reasons...)

Yes, the initial "review" wasn't quite fair, but I think this has dragged out just a little too far.
To Grey or your friend, howabout we take this to PM and I'll do my best to help from there so we don't end up in some massive flame war?

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