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Aww, so cute!

Some suggestions:

Are you wearing a petticoat at all? The dress looks a little flat, and lolita needs to have a cupcake shape to the skirt.

I love your hair, but I think you should find a nice shade of lipstick that isn't black. It looks a bit costumey and I think a nice shade of rose would look much, much better.

Also, I couldn't see them too much in the pics, but you might want to invest in some different socks, maybe from a Lolita brand. "Knit" knee length socks look out of place with the dress. (Maybe some Knee Socks from In the Starlight, if you don't want to spend too much.)

If you wanted a specific style of shirt, I also recommend In the Starlight for commissions. She has very fair prices and does great custom stuff.

( is their website, for reference.)
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