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Originally Posted by miyavilover666 View Post
Well my petticoat is on its way and i am getting it form starlight so i know of there wonders ^^
The socks those aren't my only socksi actually do have a pair of knit socks...i just cant find them^^; its all of the after christmas mess....still xD
I agree with the lips...but i go for more of a Gothic Mana~ish lolita..becouse i love Mana..but i agree i will try that ^^
Oh, no, I meant that knit knee socks look out of place with Lolita. The socks you're wearing for the pics look like knits to me, but maybe I'm just crazy.

If you still wanted it to be a more gothic, maybe focus more on the eyes (nothing crazy of course ^^ but a darker pink/plum shade.

Anyway, I just wanted to add that I love your hair. Is that a wig? It looks so perfect!
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