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cute :3 kawaii !!!
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Originally Posted by Xuki-kun View Post
zomg. agreed. Cosplaying is a giant chunk on my life. Even though I haven't officially gone to any cons or anything yet, but I'm going to AD 08
sewing is a pretty big chunk out of my life too~
O.O hennipin county! i kinda live by there, i never knew about the meetings and stuff......
D : < they're only up to 12th grade?
aww..well, that's not something I'm currently concerned about, since I'm a couple years away for 12th grade. :]

are you going to AD? n.n

(and yes, it's very exciting meeting other cosplayers from MN :3)

lol. idk..i've never thought of something that says "your offically a cosplayer when..." XD i think its just when your sitting at home watching anime on youtube and you say "damflabbit! i want to be him/her" XD.

and some things to up to 12th grade. i'm sure if your new you can lie and be all freshman. XD im disappointed that i found that out too only 12th grade?? but i don't think they will card you for a school id just to take part in anime events. :P

Yup i'd be going to AD!!! 2nd year!!! hey are any of you going to KaKKOI|CON??? it looks kinda boring as of now...the only thing they have is the ganguro parapara people (hehe...the main reason why i'm going >) but i'm sure the turn up will be good! only bad thing is that for a first year for being a con. their ticket price is the same as AD. xD
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