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Originally Posted by rainbow_dancer View Post
lol. idk..i've never thought of something that says "your offically a cosplayer when..." XD i think its just when your sitting at home watching anime on youtube and you say "damflabbit! i want to be him/her" XD.

and some things to up to 12th grade. i'm sure if your new you can lie and be all freshman. XD im disappointed that i found that out too only 12th grade?? but i don't think they will card you for a school id just to take part in anime events. :P

Yup i'd be going to AD!!! 2nd year!!! hey are any of you going to KaKKOI|CON??? it looks kinda boring as of now...the only thing they have is the ganguro parapara people (hehe...the main reason why i'm going >) but i'm sure the turn up will be good! only bad thing is that for a first year for being a con. their ticket price is the same as AD. xD
zomg. exactly! lol i was on youtube, then I saw one of those slideshows...
"Omg. I want to do that this year." <---that was like 2 years ago, lol XDD
O_o; i didn't know that Kakkoi con was in minneapolis, haha~...
I seriously want to go now. :/ not sure if I'll have enough money for it though, xD;
I thought that kakkoi con was going to be in california or something O_o;
-n00b- XDD

and speaking of school ID's I HATE my picture DD:
I just want to throw into a fire or rip it up, or even better, rip it up THEN throw it into the fire 8D
My picture from last year was much better ;_;
and people never believe my age "I thought you were 10!"
"D:<" rawr~

--ohh. duh you're going to AD -points at siggy-

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