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cute :3 kawaii !!!
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Alexis~: you such a nice person!!! if i was making my friends costumes that'd be like a lot of work i'm like. *red eyes* either your gunna help me to work off your debt or your just going to pay ____insert amount here___ XD

and kakkoi con will be in August. ^^ so theres plenty of time. just registration starts tonight at midnight! but i don't think you'd get a special discount or recognition for being the first one to sign up for their first con (that'd be sweet though if you could!!!) but they sound pretty cool. they have a maid cafe and you can volunteer to work in it...the only thing is its not based on skills to get in...its all about looks. *sigh*

Xuki~: its okay *gives pocky* school pictures are suppose to be bad ^^ but you can always save it and show it to your kids when you are old just to make them feel better when they are crying about their pictures...or ..recycle...(its plastic right???) it and then give your children pocky instead!! ^^ hehe!!!
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