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Originally Posted by rainbow_dancer View Post
Alexis~: you such a nice person!!! if i was making my friends costumes that'd be like a lot of work i'm like. *red eyes* either your gunna help me to work off your debt or your just going to pay ____insert amount here___ XD

and kakkoi con will be in August. ^^ so theres plenty of time. just registration starts tonight at midnight! but i don't think you'd get a special discount or recognition for being the first one to sign up for their first con (that'd be sweet though if you could!!!) but they sound pretty cool. they have a maid cafe and you can volunteer to work in it...the only thing is its not based on skills to get in...its all about looks. *sigh*
Haha. I WISH I could make the costumes. I'm stuck making all the weapons and paying for the wigs. @_@ Mostly 'cause they're all lazy. XD Oh well, it'll all pay off if I get an A on my final project. XD
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