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Originally Posted by Arilena189 View Post
All right. To start off with, I am the friend that GreyCat has been talking about. I am rather new to cosplay and commissions so when I came across this problem, I asked her for help with settling it in the easiest, most efficient manner. What she is telling is true of my experience and I shall go in to the detail that you all want and hopefully you will stop bashing her for trying to help in the best way she knows how.
This is what happened: I placed an order on eBay on October 8, 2007 to the seller DreamAngels. The order was for a styled Aerith wig, which I needed to go with a new costume I ordered at the same time from a different dealer. The payment for the wig was received on the same day, as I paid using paypal immediately after agreeing to buy the item, on October 8, 2007. The payment was accepted and I received an e-mail saying that it would take 2-3 weeks to style the wig and that I would receive another e-mail to confirm shipment of the wig. I waited a month and there was no shipment confirmation e-mail, so this is when I began to get worried. I double, even triple-checked to make sure that the payment was received and it was. The item was also listed in my eBay summary as being an item I had won. After another two weeks I sent an e-mail to DreamAngels asking about the wig, and if it had been shipped and I received no response. I was not able to actually get together with GreyCat until about another 2 or 3 weeks later, in order to explain to her fully what had happened and ask for her help with the situation. I sent another e-mail almost 2 weeks ago (two weeks on sunday) asking once again about the wig I ordered and I still have not received a response from them. If you have any more questions to ask, ask me, and please quit bashing my GreyCat for being a good, helpful friend.
Thank You.

First off I just want to apologize for the late response in this thread. I do not have internet at my house at the moment and I would rather not check at the office ^_^; I'm currently using the internet at the Ohayocon! I haven't been able to get into my email account much either since I'm on leave from work past 2 or so weeks. I try to get on when I go to a friend's place, but its a bit difficult. Sorry!!

Secondly if this is going to be a review, it is from Sakura Wigs, not Dream Angels as we are seperate entities, which may have been the problem with emailing through the Dream Angels gmail account--which is completely our fault and we will fix this communication issue as soon as my wireless is back.
You haven't heard from Dream Angels because they forward any related inquiries to the Sakura Wigs gmail account and I reply from there.

I actually sent two email notifications (through the Sakura Wigs gmail account) about 4 weeks ago notifying the buyer that I had a really bad shipment of base wigs. I think the factory forgot to put the finishing coating on the wig fibres, resulting in the wigs tangling straight out of the bag. I am against sending out mediocre products so I sent out emails to all orders affected (yours included) about the delay since I needed to completely re-order the shipment. Unforunately the turnaround time from my suppliers is quite long and the holiday season made it even longer.

Your wig was completed before I left for Ohayocon, it was in its final drying phase, so I can either ship out Monday with shipping upgraded to Express for free OR give you a complete refund is that is what you prefer.

I do apologize for any miscommunication or confusion, but please understand that I did email a notification as soon as I identified the quality problem and whatever else happened was outside of my control.

Again, please keep in mind this entire transaction/issue is from Sakura Wigs, not Dream Angels. Thanks!

If there's any other questions/comments, please email me rather than posting here, because I can check my email account at work usually ^____^ [sakurawigs(AT)]

Thanks for your patience and understanding, sorry again ^_^


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