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Originally Posted by mgperkow View Post
Ehh... Advertising the Youmacon meeting too much might lead to... problems. Obviously people can't be barred from attending it since it's in a public place (Wings), but we've had problems with some random people just showing up unexpectedly in the past. Maybe just note that the gathering changed into a Youmacon meeting as the last post and then lock the thread?
Sounds good to me. As much as I hate to do it (considering I was one of the ones that remembers when Wings Night was really that), that's the best possible option.

The two newbie threads will not be touched. I'm leaving the official newbie thread alone, and debating on making our original thread "Searching for cosplayers in SE Michigan" into a sticky. That way, it might cut down on random "are there any cosplayers here?" threads that may pop up.

A week without activity on the thread before it's locked sounds good. I'm thinking threads that get no responses after a week or two should be deleted, too (to keep out the clutter of "empty" threads)

For con purposes, shall we make one sticky for "Major cons attended by MCS" and have that be for plans for Ohayocon, Acen, Otakon, and Youma and then one for "All other con plans" for all the other cons that those of us here might attend (Katsucon, Jafax, Anime Iowa, Ikkasucon, etc. )

I really appreciate everyone's input so far! ^_^
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