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I guess I'll throw my wigs in here~ Starting from first to newest:

Leslie L in 613 : Cagalli Yula Athha Gundam SEED Destiny dress

I basically just gathered the bottom layers off to either side and bound them with stretchy clear bracelet elastic and sewed the flowers into it. No real styling after that, and thankfully the top layers were long enough that the netting didn't show when I separated the lower layers out ^_^

Cosworx Punky in Silver : Hatake Kakashi ANBU Ver. from Naruto

This was my first time REALLY styling - basically just pinned the thing to the wig head and strung it up with some twine to the ceiling fan on my back porch....XD; and used a liberal amount of Got2B glue and Extra Strength Hairspray. Once it was dry I flipped it over and sort of coaxed it off to the side like Kakashi's style calls for...There are still pieces that like to fall down in back, but the tie for the mask helps keep them in. I had to perk it up once after a few conventions of heavy wear before the costume was retired.

This next one has to be done in three parts, as I've done the wig three times XD;;

Cosworx Punky in RED: Axel - Kingdom Hearts 2

Axel - Version 1 : Front view
This was my first time spiking...anything XD I basically just colored the roots of the wig with a burgundy sharpie and then styled...I didn't really think about cutting the spikes to the length I needed, hence I ended up with a really really long wig XD

Axel - Version 2

This was actually a Punky XL bought with the intention of chopping off the ends and using the extra length to weft in or make a hairline...neither of which ended up happening XD;; I wanted something a little bit more out rather than down, a little bit more accurate and while I think it was a large improvement over the first wig, I didn't manage to do what I really wanted to do, which was an accurate hairline, because I styled it in 3 days before Ohayocon 07 after I had been in Japan for 4 months, and then away from home for a week at least for Christmas @_@

Axel - Version 3 : Complete, "In Action"

This one is actually a combination of the first two, where I figured out the shape of the piece I needed to add to the wig to make the hairline, then cut it out of the top crown of the first Punky wig, and sewed it to the second. Then I ripped out a couple of wefts and sewed them on to make a smoother finish around the edge. After that it was just style as usual. I love this wig a lot, the only problem was that the fibers were slightly damaged, since I was using two wigs that had been previously styled (I washed all of the product out before I worked with them to make this wig), but for the most part it worked really well.

I styled my Axel wigs with Got2B:Glued hair glue and Suave xtra hold hairspray on the first two, and Got2B:Glued blasting freezing spray on the third.

Cosworx Punky : Sora, Kingdom Hearts CoM/II

This is actually the only picture I have of this wig before I gave it to the friend I styled it for....I can't remember what color it was >.< I want to say...6? Possibly 8 (but pretty sure it's 6). I really love how this wig came's one of my favorites. I used Got2B Glued Blasting Freezing spray so that I could keep the integrity of the fluffiness of the Punky's style and let the spikes hold their shape. Unfortunately the second (unstyled) part in the picture didn't come out as nicely as the first one >.> I had to redo it about four times, and it's still falling down.

[Note: I have styled a couple of Roxas wigs, but I either don't know what style of wig I started with or don't have pictures, so...they got left out ^^;]

Godiva in 1 : Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright

The only styling I did on this one was to cut bangs...the "bun" and extra tresses are actually made from Extensions that I bought from DR. Locks. It's a pain in the but to detangle, but during actual wear I had no problem, because I kept the ends held together with a black ponytail holder so that it wouldn't get everywhere and tangle...that and Motion's Oil Sheen ^^

Cosworx WISP in 613 : DJ Erika from Beatmania IIDX : With Costume

This wig was dyed from 613 to the green color using the FW Ink dye method. I used 71% Isopropyl Alcohol and the bright green FW ink to spray-dye weft-by-weft to get the color (a truly messy endeavor, especially in a dorm room =_=). Since the Wisp is a short wig and I needed a ponytail, I bought a pack of Toyokalon 613 extensions from Sally Beauty and dyed those as well. I had to use some extensions to sew into the wig to cover up wefts when I pulled it up for a pony tail, and then I used the rest to wrap around (glued with hot glue) the hair tie. After that I glued ribbon around it to cover the raw edges. It's probably my most complicated wig endeavor to date XD I think I'd rather do spikey wigs than dye them anyday, LOL.

So that's my wig stuff so far :3 Please feel free to PM me if you have questions ^^
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