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Bugs Thread

Please post any showstopping bugs in this thread. There will undoubtedly be a few so please just list them here and I will update the list. When things are fixed I will mark them off.

Fixed Items:
  • Login Issues
  • Search results with zero results result in a db error.
  • Costume Completion % wasn't now adjustable
  • Username, Character and Series name now showing in the photo pages under the image
  • Small photos wer causing the right-side to overlap the site footer.
  • Internet Explorer was not displaying some of the profiles correctly.
  • Layout issues causing whitespace everywhere (should be fixed, please report if you find any)
  • Forums Memberlist was a broken page
  • Member Costume galleries were showing too many pages in the pagination section
  • If you are logged in, you can now add conventions to your planner from their event page.
  • Showing all costumes by member now shows member info panel
  • Logout link was displaying wrong in IE browsers
  • "My Favorites" gallery now works again
  • Changed the folder image count colors because the Red was confusing and people thought it meant the folder was full
  • Some conventions weren't giving an error message when adding to the planner
  • Online status now shows on the profiles
  • User Profile links for forum threads (last posted) and other places now redirect properly to the profiles
  • User main gallery pages now work properly, using the old format and pagination style.
  • Image Editing works again
Fixed 2.11.08
  • Costume Counts Fixed
  • Photo Comment Counts fixed
  • Costume Icons fixed
Working On
  • Flags/countries section in the forums looks off
  • A few of the latest costume uploads aren't showing their icons, these will be fixed shortly.
  • Username dropdowns in forums broken in some places

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