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Sukunai Kitsune, I get where you're coming from. It's just that the 'I'm only one person' attitude has been used on me before as an excuse for a late delivery after a due date was set and payment made. Same for email that has gone unanswered for weeks on end.

As for the attention thing. A more complex commission will obviously take more time. I think I took the word attention to mean something other than what you meant it to mean.Giving someone who spent a higher amount more 'attention' to me implies that you may be more responsive to their emails and put their projects ahead of others. Obviously not what you meant.

Originally Posted by Asuka BMz View Post
Are you serious with this crap?

There is a reason why there are commissioners like LimeBarb (just an example...fill in with your own if you'd like), and there are eBay sellers. I expect a whole hell of a lot more from LimeBarb than from any random Asian seller I can find pumping out costumes from a sweatshop...and the added price-tag justifies that.

I mean honestly...come on...
I'm talking about the way one commissioner treats two different customers. What are you talking about?
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