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Originally Posted by Jackofalltrades View Post
I cannot upload a user icon and it's driving me nuts. I'll take a picture, put it in my computer, then it is too big. I don't know how to size it down to exactly 200X200, I tried on Paint and it sized it down, but for some reason just made it a little icon on a still big picture and I'm really confused. If I don't have this then I can't post pictures at all! How do I do this?

**Edit** I got this part, but that and the profile picture are different and I didn't know that. I can't upload a profile picture and I've got the sizes and the jpeg form right but it tells me it can't be saved!
How do you do this?
I clicked on your profile and there was an image there. Are you talking about the image that shows below your name when you post in the forums?

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