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as a fan of GLaDOS, a while back, I had kind of thrown around the idea of cosplaying her, but with her being just... A crapload of wires and orbs, I decided it'd be quite difficult and unwillingly left the idea behind.

Just yesterday though, one of my friends showed me this picture of a GLaDOS humanoid design.

Anyways, first impression: "OMFGSHE'SSOCUTE, I SHOULD DO IT."

I don't think I'd bother with the contacts, and I'm sure I could use my Suigintou wig to work for the hair, and it doesn't seem too difficult of a cosplay.

The thing I'm worried about is... Will people recognize me possibly as a GLaDOS design?

PS. I also plan on making a cake bag/something, in which I'll stuff a diary entry titled "how to kill a man with your bare hands," my cell phone, wallet, and anything else I'll need. It's a bit more of an advanced cake. I'd add fish-shaped dirt, fish-shaped ethyl benzene, needle injectors, and more if I could.
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