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My dad is from HK if that counts? XD I've only been there 5-7 times and I stay with my great uncle and aunt in Fanling... It's great fun! I miss HK so much! >o< Especially the looovely markets! Though the sad thing is I won't be going back for a while now D= Mainly due to education as the higher up I get the more I need to concerntrate apparently ¬_¬; which is kinda true

Residing in England has seriously made my chinese go poor xD; I only know the basics now @_@ I used to be really fluent xD;

And I wish I had the bravery to go back to HK in the Summer... I hate going back in the Summer as I always die from heat-stroke! XDD My parents don't like it either... We're all too used to the coldness in England! XD; Though I WILL one day go to the con in HK! >D It's one of my many goals in life XP *as soon as I revise my cantonese and learn haka xD*
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