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1. Do you cosplay as certain characters from the book/the movies, or do you have an OC? I've never "officially" cosplayed anything LotR except for Halloween in 8th grade. I went as good old Legolas. Closet cosplay ftw. I basically have an OC now - Tari Elensar. On the off chance I feel mortal I'm Egarwen the Thirsty. Long story behind that name.
2. What got you into the fandom and when did you start cosplaying from it? *hangs head in shame* I jumped in after the movies came out. I can't lie about that. However, I went beyond the Orlando Bloom is hot fangirl phase and..yes. My only "cosplay" was the 8th grade Legolas one. One day I hope to cosplay as Beleg Cuthalion from The Sil/Children of Hurin. He is, hands down, my favorite character in the history of ever.
3. The movies - what do you think? Great inspiration or totally off? Love, love, LOVE the costume work. Love the sets, the actors, most everything...except for the whole Arwen bit and the random Elves at Helms Deep, like you said. lolWHUUUT.
4. Any particular race (Elf, Hobbit, Man...) you prefer cosplaying? Why? I cosplay Elves since I have the most in common with them imho. That and they have some gorgeous costumes to work with. I'd like to cosplay a Hobbit one day, but the feet would be too difficult for my limited experience.

Any tips for Elf ears that don't look really fake? I found some stuff on (really great site btw) but I'm wondering if you'd tried anything else that worked well.
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